Saint Johns Northwestern Military Academy - Overnight Camp
As of Wednesday, 3/22 at 9:11 AM
1101 N Genesee St
Delafield, WI 53018
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Farrand Hall Gymnasium was constructed in 1949 and has three basketball courts (only one is full-size regulation) with an electric scoreboard and electric bleachers, Gerber Pool, and three weight rooms. Other athletic facilities include Price Davis Field at Rick Leone Stadium (football/lacrosse), Jim Duggan Field (baseball) and Adreani Track.
Originally constructed in 1959 as an open-air pool, the swimming pool was enclosed, and locker rooms and equipment rooms were added in 1965. Daniel Gerber S1916, founder of Gerber Baby Foods, was one of the principal contributors of the renovations, so the pool was renamed after him in honor of his gracious gift. The pool contains six lanes, and is 3 ft. in the shallow end and 12 ft. in the deep end with starting blocks in the deep end. Gerber Pool is available for use by schools and private businesses.



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